Cleaning and maintenance

UV fly killers

  • To maintain maximum effectiveness, tubes should be changed at least every 12 months, preferably at the onset of warmer weather.
  • Phillips tubes and Quantum® tubes are recommended, as their effective lifespan is longer than most other tubes, which reduces the amount of maintenance required.
  • Use a UV-A Meter to measure the ultra-violet output of tubes, to give you an instant indication of tube effectiveness and their remaining life.
  • If the unit requires starters, replace them at the same time that you change the tubes.

Additionally for UV sticky traps

  • Use Reflectobakt® sleeves to maintain optimum fly control performance particularly when the glue board and the tubes are placed close together.
  • Replace the sticky boards every 2 months to ensure maximum efficacy.

Additionally for EFKs

  • Use a grid tester to test the killing grid without shorting the high tension current onto the metal body of the machine, as often happens when using a conventional screwdriver (unless the unit has a high voltage ‘grid-on’ indicator like the Nemesis Quattro line).
  • Brush down the killing grid (only when it is turned off!) to remove insect fragments.
  • Empty the catch tray frequently.
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