Enviroment Solutions Pte Ltd Singapore

Enviroment Solutions Pte Ltd Singapore is a large Pest Control Company in Singapore that “Strives for a greener enviroment”. They have purchased and fully tested PestWest Australia FT60 Glue Board Traps and the L25 Outdoor Lantern for installation in stables. The results speech for themselves.

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Test Results Enviroment Solutions

PestWest Australia’s Insect Zappers

Five weeks ago I purchased two PestWest Australia’s insect zappers – one for the back veranda and one for inside our house in Subiaco. This email is to inform you that I am delighted with the results.

Before setting these up, we were constantly troubled by mosquitoes. We couldn’t sit outside after about 6:00 pm, and throughout each night mosquitoes would wake us up frequently. We would use two spray-cans of insecticide in and immediately outside the bedroom each week. The zappers had an immediate impact, destroying mosquitoes in spectacular fashion – I actually found it fascinating to see them in action. They have reduced the population dramatically, and now they zap only occasional invaders, but they don’t reach the bedroom. We no longer even buy insecticide.

I accidentally proved the quality of the product when I dropped the outside model while shifting it. It fell from chest height onto pave stones, dislodging the fluorescent tube with a nasty clatter. I took it apart, replaced the same tube, re-assembled it and switched it on. It worked perfectly, showing how robust the construction is. I am recommending them to my friends.

Brian Beetson
Subiaco, Western Australia

To The Team At PestWest Australia

I just wanted to drop you some feedback with respect to the two fly zappers (one internal and one external) that I recent purchased from your company.

Having previously owned a fly zapping device which only lasted for around 6 months before it ultimate broke down, I was attracted to your company due to your reputation and the full warrantee offered on the product. Upon unpacking the devices I was instantly impressed with both the robust nature of the product and also the re-placable nature of the component parts.

Within 24 hours of installing the devices I was astounded by the volume of mosquitoes, flies and moths that both had eliminated, I had no idea that we actually had as many of these pests as we did. The obvious result has been a massive improvement in our enjoyment of our internal and external living areas.

Thanks very much for a great product and keep up the good work.

Brad Glover
Fremantle, Western Australia

Dear Adam

Just a short note to let you know I got to Perth for CHOGM and picked up the insectocutor from my friend who collected it on my behalf. It’s now in our kitchen and working well. Thanks for all your help. Pity you don’t have a distributor in Canberra. I cannot speak highly enough of your product.

Darryl J
Canberra ACT

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