Frequently Asked Questions

All PestWest Australia sticky pad products can be placed in close proximity to where food is being prepared.

Depending on the size and type of insect killer, the products cover from 20sq mtrs to 5 acres. Insects fly into the light so line of sight can vary greatly when outside.

Outside lanterns – insects fall to the ground and birds take them. Inside units – have a catchment tray fitted for the ease of emptying dead insects into the rubbish bin.

3 years against faulty workmanship and components with the exception of lamps.

Built to Australian Safety Standards which are accepted worldwide.

In all South East Asian countries, Europe, Middle East, UK, Mauritius, USA, Tahiti, New Guinea and New Zealand. We can ship to anywhere in the world.

It is best to leave on 24 hours a day as flying insects are always present and will eventually fly to the blacklight lamps and be electrocuted or trapped. Also acts as a good security light.

Whatever your wattage of lamps are that is the total usage cost – only cents per day.

Sticky pad products trap the insects with no noise i.e. restaurant. No particles of insect escapes. A good way to monitor what pests are present. Also, your customers are not conscious of your insect trapping device. No Zapping noise.

Yes, only straight tubes can be shatterproofed. These are fitted in units upon order or when replacement lamps are ordered.

Many models to suit all situations both electric and sticky pad models. Both for indoor and outdoor use.

You will receive a shock similar to a car ignition spark plug, but is safe even if a child touches the high voltage grill. The guards are made to stop people touching the high voltage grid accidently.

Position in the darkest area away from the windows in line with door if possible.

Electric Models: Check and empty tray every month. Glue Pad Models: Change glue pads monthy.

Every 8 to 12 months for best performance.

Blacklight lamps are at the safe end of the UV spectrum, where as true (dangerous) UV is at the other end of the spectrum. All of our lamps have to comply with the safety standards category.

All flying insects are attracted to the blacklight lamps with a wave length 369nm which are fitted to all Starkeys insect killers.

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